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Logo Design

x2 Options incl. x1 Free Revision            R 800

x4 Options incl. x1 Free Revision            R 1 600


Business Card Design

x1 Option incl. x1 Free Revision               R 150


Profile, Catalogues, Brochures and Power-point Designs

Company Profile x1 Free Revision            R 1 000 (4 pages)

Catalogue Design x1 Free Revision           R  1 000 (4 pages)

Z Fold Brochure x1 Free Revision              R 1 080

Power Point Template x1 Free Revision   R 500 per slide


Flyers and Poster Design (incl x1 Free Revision)

A4 Single Sided                                            R 150

A4 Double Sided                                          R 300

A5 Single Sided                                             R  80

A5 Double Sided                                           R 160

A6 Single Sided                                             R  40

A6 Double Sided                                           R  80

Poster Design starts at R 250


Extra Revision charges @ R 180 per hour



Please note prices are subject to change and exclude design fee.

We print a wide range of products so please send us a quote for other printed items.


Business Cards, Flyers and Posters


Business Cards  R490

500 Cards per set - printed full colour front, black reverse


Flyers - Printed on 115gsm Gloss (unless quoted otherwise)

A5 Flyers 2500 Printed Full Colour      Double Sided               R 2 180

A5 Flyers 2500 Printed Full Colour      Single Sided                 R 1 780

A5 Flyers 5000 Printed Full Colour      Double Sided               R 3 500

A5 Flyers 5000 Printed Full Colour      Single Sided                  R 2 800


A6 Flyers 5000 Printed Full Colour      Double Sided               R 1 980

A6 Flyers 5000 Printed Full Colour      Single Sided                 R 840


Posters - Printed on 115gsm Gloss (unless quoted otherwise)


A1 Single Sided   200       R 10 100                                          A2 Single Sided   200       R 9 200

A1 Single Sided   500       R 12 200                                          A2 Single Sided   500       R 4 800

A1 Single Sided   1000     R 13 800                                          A2 Single Sided   1000     R 7 200


A3 Single Sided   200        R 1 900

A3 Single Sided   500        R 4 800

A3 Single Sided   1000      R 5 500


Screen Printing


Price excludes screen and setup fee - ask for full quote

 Pocket Size                                                                                       A4

1 Colour                                                    R 10                               1 Colour                     R 20    

2 Colours                                                  R 20                               2 Colours                   R 40

3 Colours                                                  R 30                               3 Colours                   R 60

4 Colours                                                  R 40                               4 Colours                   R 80



1 Colour                                                    R  40

2 Colours                                                  R   80

3 Colours                                                  R 120

4 Colours                                                  R 160


Sublimation Printing

Sublimation pricelist to follow - please send us a email to request a quote




We have to follow a series of steps before we can begin the actual design work. This is just a way to ensure that we are delivering exactly what the client needs. A design for a client has to fit a specific set of requirements, so it's only natural that we spend time on this process to ensure that we produce an effective output and final design.

These are the steps we follow to ensure great quality designs.


1.Briefing the project with our clients
We ask our clients to give us a “brief” overview of what they need, we call it the ''need to know and nice to have''. At this point, we are expected to gather as much information as we can about the client’s expectations, mission, vision, and goals as well as their products or services. 
2.Brainstorming on the message 
Each element of a design is sending out a message to the public/viewers. Colors, shapes, symbols and typography should be given considerable thought before making any hard decisions. Brainstorming allows us to combine different elements that work together to create a design to send the right message.
Brainstorming and the next step, sketching works great together. 

3.Sketching out mock-ups

The name says it all. We sketch mock-ups to materialize the ideas in our imagination, nothing is final or perfect at this point. Once the sketching is done we share the sketches with our client. Although this process might seem lengthy and unnecessary, we do it to save time from redo's and rejections after completing the design on the computer. These early sketches gives the client a idea of whether or not we are heading in the right direction. If not, we can make further variations because we've only entered the sketching phase.

4.Creating the design

After the sketching phase is completed we turn to the computer to create several versions of the selected sketches. We mix and match color palettes, use different typographic pairings, and a grid structure to create different options. When the options are done we ask the client for feedback on the designs. 

5.Presenting and refining the design

We give the client another chance to review the end product and provide feedback. If no changes are to be made we move to the last and final step.

6.From design to production

Finally, the design has been approved and we are all set. After the artwork is signed off and account is settled the printing process will begin. If the client chooses to use another printer, Chameleon Graphics will send the files to the requested printer.